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How to make stock

2- Chicken carcasses * See "How to break down a whole chicken" to see how you can save money by breaking down your own chickens  

1- large onion cut in half

2- carrots cut into 3" pieces 

2- celery stocks cut into 3" pieces

3- green onions, roots removed

3- tbs black pepper corns

6- garlic cloves

1- sprig fresh rosemary 

2- sprigs fresh thyme 

2- tbs olive oil 

salt to taste 


Set oven to 350°. Lightly coat a cookie sheet with olive oil. Arrange veggies on the cookie sheet, flat side of onions down. Roast until bottoms of veggies are caramelized. Remove veggies from cookie sheet and add chicken carcasses to the sheet and roast until brown. Save back some of the fat from the cookie sheet, this is tasty added to green beans. 

In a frying pan, toast peppercorns and herbs, over low heat until fragrant. 

To a stock pot, add veggies and chicken carcasses, add enough cold water to cover. Heat over medium heat until You reach a simmer. Turn to low heat and add herbs, return to simmer and allow to cook for at lease 3 hours. Do not boil! 

Strain and cool stock. Remove fat after stock cools. Add salt to taste and store in freezer bag or jar until ready for use. 

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