What is a CSA?

Building Communities

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is sometimes also called a subscription farm. The idea behind a CSA is the consumer has a greater connection to where their food comes from. The CSA puts the consumer in direct contact with the farmer and the process of growing good quality produce.

Members of a CSA share in the cost of producing the food in return for a share of whatever the farm produces. This means that members share in both the benefits and the risks that season may bring.

At Toad Hall Farm, we consider ourselves a multi-farm CSA. This means we also work with other local farms with similar growing practices, to bring our members products we might not otherwise be able to provide, such as fruit, potatoes and meat. Part of the reasons for working with other farms is because of space, time and labor, and community. We truly believe in community effort, and being able to work with other farming families is building a stronger community. 

CSA's help build community by bringing people together. The farmer has a market for their products, so there is little wasted. The farmer is commited to making sure the best possible produce is grown for their members and can meet and talk with their members directly through on the farm events and share pick ups. CSA Members get to meet other members, see the farm where their food is being grown, ask questions and offer ideas and input to the farmer.

Because CSA's sell produce locally, your food buying dollars stay in the community. Buying local also ensures that less fossil fules are used in shipping food in and out of Michigan. 

CSA's help build communities! Click Here to sign up for the 2016 season.